Summer Special Tips

Summer Special Tips:

Severe sweat and perspiration can make even the most enthusiastic people lose interest in their skin care routine. The body loses it's energy and requires lots of attention and care during summer.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to protect your skin and body during summer :

Try staying away from the sun between 11 and 2 PM as much as possible.

Sunscreen plays a vital role during these months so apply a lavish layer of sunscreen at-least 15 minutes before stepping out.

Sunglasses are also a must to protect the delicate skin around our eyes otherwise we will end up with ugly dark circles.

People with dry skin can take a drop of almond oil and massage in circular movements on the face and neck at night to keep skin hydrated.

Grate a cucumber and keep in the fridge. Soak cotton pads in the juice and apply now and then and wash when dry.

Chilled rose water soaked in cotton pads kept in fridge and wiped after coming home from the sun makes us feel cool.

Try wearing loose cotton clothes to keep perspiration at bay. Synthetic clothes encourage bad odour during summer.

Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary artificial drinks and fried food during summer.

Clay packs mixed with a few drops of lemon juice at least once a week absorbs all the excess oil and tightens skin.

Watermelon juice when applied on skin for a few minutes and washed also helps.

Taking showers twice a day helps keep yourself cool and fresh.

Take lots of fresh salads and fresh fruits.

Make buttermilk in a large jug and keep drinking to keep body cool.

Lemon juice is also is a great way to keep our skin and body fresh. Try adding a few mint leaves to enhance its flavour.


Summer is back with a bang and everyone is faced with the constant problem of sweat, perspiration, dehydration and tiredness and would do almost anything to keep cool and refreshed. The biggest mistake each and everyone of us do is drink loads of aerated drinks and sugary juices because it is readily and easily available. Moreover as they come in tempting packs we are more likely to drink them a lot and spoil our health. So it is always better to increase the intake of natural juices.

Here are a few simple recipes that can be done at home within minutes and loaded with natural ingredients to keep our body cool. So you can always make a jug of these natural coolers and store them in your fridge during the long summer months.

Green Dream :

Lemons                      2
Fresh Mint Leaves     A handful
Honey                        2 Teaspoons
Cold Water Or Soda  2 Glasses
Ice Cubes

Put lemon juice, mint leaves, honey and ice cubes in a blender and whisk for a few minutes. if adding water instead of soda add to the mixture and blend for a few seconds. If substituting with soda then before serving mix well and serve.

Lemon Yogurt Splash :

Yogurt                                      1     Cup
Lemon Juice                             2     Teaspoons
Cumin Powder                         1/2   Teaspoon
Salt                                           1      Pinch
Ginger                                      1      Inch
Cold Water                               2      Glasses
Crushed Ice                              1      Cup

Blend Yogurt, lemon Juice, Cumin Powder, Salt and Ginger with Cold Water and Crushed Ice and serve when cold itself.

Watermelon Delight :

Watermelon                           1
Mint Leaves                           1 Handful
Lemon                                    2

Put the watermelon and mint in a blender and blend well for a few minutes. Pour into a jug and add lemon juice and ice. Mix well and serve.

Home Made Creams

Make these simple creams at home, it will give you a great deal of joy and satisfaction to make your own creams plus it will prove to be very economical as well. And the best part you will know what are the ingredients the creams contain and their benefits. Now for some simple home made creams :

Cleansing Cream :

Almond Oil    : 1 Teaspoon
Vaseline        : 1 Teaspoon
Essential oil   : your favourite 5 drops

Slightly melt Vaseline over a low flame or microwave for 10 seconds and add almond oil and mix well. Now slowly add the essential oil drops over this mixture and bend well. Apply this mixture on your face and neck and massage for five to ten minutes and wipe with cotton wool.

Nourishing Cream :

Beeswax or Lanolin      : 1 Teaspoons
Rose water                  : 1 Teaspoon
Capsules of Vitamin E  : 4

After slightly melting the wax add rose water and the Vitamin E to it and mix thoroughly and massage well on face and neck and soak for an hour at least before washing with warm water.

Acne/ Pimple drying cream :

Camphor            : 1 Pinch
Alum powder       : 1 Pinch
Lime juice           :  Few drops
Cucumber Juice  :  Few drops

Mix all the ingredients together and apply on pimples and wash after 10 minutes. If you have sensitive skin first try on a small patch before applying on the acne.

Butter Cream :

Take a teaspoon of unsalted butter and massage on face and neck for a few minutes and remove the excess with a tissue. Leave it overnight for baby soft skin.



 Face masks when applied regularly make the skin smooth, fresh, clean and bright. So they should be included in your regular beauty care routine. Face masks or facials when applied once a week can do wonders to your skin. Here are a few home made masks which can be prepared at home without much fuss.

To instantly tighten your face, close open pores and make it look a few years younger before going to a party, get together or wedding just take an egg white and apply it on your face and wash it after fifteen minutes with warm water.

If you have sagging skin under your eyes and feel awkward with makeup then take a small brush and apply a light, very thin coat of egg white on the area and let it dry. When dry apply makeup on it.

Oatmeal mixed with cucumber juice or honey is an excellent mask to remove suntan. Also when dry apply few drops of water in your fingertips and massage well before washing to make skin soft and smooth.

Pure honey when applied as a mask and washed after 30 minutes moisturizes dry dull skin.

A few almonds soaked overnight and ground to a paste with milk can make an excellent mask for open pores.

Tomato juice when applied on face as a mask cleanses the skin. Carrot and tomato juice can also be mixed for the mask.

Papaya pulp also when applied softens facial skin.

Fullers earth or clay mask when applied will remove excess oil and clean the skin of impurities.

During winter the facial skin get all dried up and starts peeling. To remove the dead dry skin off your face take a few drops of olive or almond oil and gently massage for a few minutes. After some time take a few drops of lemon juice with a teaspoon of warm water and massage over the oil. By doing this the dead skin will peel off.

Fresh cream, beetroot juice, cucumber juice, lettuce juice can all be used for making face masks.

A few drops of vinegar mixed with water can also be applied as a mask and washed after fifteen minutes for oily skin.