18 Ways to Clear Pimples

Pimples are a serious adolescence problems. They appear on the cheeks, forehead and nose and spoil our looks. As soon as we cross childhood and enter the threshold of adolescence the oil glands underneath the skin become over active and ooze grease. This grease blocks the pores and pimples sprout. Our skin usually reflect the kind of food we eat, the amount of sleep we get. So a healthy eating habit with less oil and sugar is recommended and eight hours of sleep is a must.

A special skin care routine for getting rid of pimples :

  1. Grease can be removed by washing face twice a day with diluted lemon juice.

  2. Use of sulfur soap is effective in keeping the oil glands clean.

  3. Removing make-up at night, before going to bed is very important because make-up particles block the pores and prevent them from breathing freely.

  4. Steaming your face once a week keeps the pores open.

  5. Before having a bath apply tomato pulp on your face and let it dry, helps to have a clear skin.

  6. Mud packs are an effective means of controlling pimples.

  7. Pimple marks can be minimized by applying cucumber juice regularly on the spots.

  8. Pimples can be cured, by taking a spoonful of honey mixed with 1/2 a teaspoon of  sulfur powder at least twice a week.

  9. If a head has already formed, put a hot towel on pimple again and again till it comes out. then pat some hydrogen peroxide on it.

  10. Do not touch or scratch the pimples with nails even if they are itchy. Scratching may give temporary relief but it may leave permanent marks because nails contain bacteria and cause infection. Instead you can use a clean cotton wool soaked in hot water to clean pimples.

  11. Shampoo your hair frequently as sebaceous glands underneath the hair secrete oil which spreads on the face and give rise to acne and pimples.

  12. A sound sleep, exercise and a good bowel movement are other helping agents as constipation gives rise to pimples.

  13. Avoid oily, spicy, fried foods. Also minimize the use of chocolates, butter, ice-creams and sweets and eat a balanced diet.

  14. Tea tree oil can be applied on pimples to reduce it's redness.

  15. Apply apple cider vinegar on the pimples and wash when dry.

  16. You can crush 1 or 2 aspirin tablets mix with water and apply on pimples and wash after 30 minutes.

  17. Dip cotton balls in egg white and apply on pimples and wash with warm water when dry.

  18. Place a warm tea bag over the pimples or a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice for a quick fix.