Face masks when applied regularly make the skin smooth, fresh, clean and bright. So they should be included in your regular beauty care routine. Face masks or facials when applied once a week can do wonders to your skin. Here are a few home made masks which can be prepared at home without much fuss.

To instantly tighten your face, close open pores and make it look a few years younger before going to a party, get together or wedding just take an egg white and apply it on your face and wash it after fifteen minutes with warm water.

If you have sagging skin under your eyes and feel awkward with makeup then take a small brush and apply a light, very thin coat of egg white on the area and let it dry. When dry apply makeup on it.

Oatmeal mixed with cucumber juice or honey is an excellent mask to remove suntan. Also when dry apply few drops of water in your fingertips and massage well before washing to make skin soft and smooth.

Pure honey when applied as a mask and washed after 30 minutes moisturizes dry dull skin.

A few almonds soaked overnight and ground to a paste with milk can make an excellent mask for open pores.

Tomato juice when applied on face as a mask cleanses the skin. Carrot and tomato juice can also be mixed for the mask.

Papaya pulp also when applied softens facial skin.

Fullers earth or clay mask when applied will remove excess oil and clean the skin of impurities.

During winter the facial skin get all dried up and starts peeling. To remove the dead dry skin off your face take a few drops of olive or almond oil and gently massage for a few minutes. After some time take a few drops of lemon juice with a teaspoon of warm water and massage over the oil. By doing this the dead skin will peel off.

Fresh cream, beetroot juice, cucumber juice, lettuce juice can all be used for making face masks.

A few drops of vinegar mixed with water can also be applied as a mask and washed after fifteen minutes for oily skin.