About Me

Hello Readers,
I am Sumitra. First let me introduce myself. I'm a commerce graduate, after graduation I did a diploma course in cookery, beauty care and house keeping. My interests are reading, blogging, trying out new healthy recipes and writing tips with home remedies for some common problems. It's really difficult to write something about yourself, but I am making an effort for the first time. Though I have been a blogger for the past 5 years, now I am launching my first site. I really need your comments and suggestions and ways to improve my site. Even before marriage I attended various cookery and beauty care classes. I spent my summers baking cakes and learning to give out facials, manicures and preparing home based beauty recipes. I kept my interests alive even after my marriage by organising various cookery classes for friends and relatives. I also wrote and handed out various booklets about simple home remedies to overcome skin, hair and other health problems. My husband and two children were very supportive throughout this and it was in fact them who suggested that I start blogging. So I gave it a try and developed a craze for it! For the past five years I have been creating various blogs. I have got a very good response from my readers and it is their enthusiasm which motivates me to keep developing and improving my blogs. I read a lot of books and magazines and keep searching for valuable information that I can share with my readers. All my recipes and home remedies are such that they can easily be prepared by anyone at any place and so can be very useful in tight spots. I take great pains to keep myself updated and I pass on all the information to the readers through my blogs. The readers have been giving a good feedback and I hope they will continue to do so in the future. On my part I will strive to give my readers the best of valuable information which they can put to use in their daily lives.